Circuit diagram water level indicator

Types: Water Level Meters, Interface Meters, TLC Meters, Tag Lines Circuit Diagram. When water level reaches to point A, circuit with RED LED & transistor Q1 gets completed and RED LED glows.

Similarly when water level reaches to point B, circuit with YELLOW LED and transistor Q2 gets completed and Yellow LED glows, same goes with point C. And finally when tank gets full (Point D), Water Tank Level Indicator Circuit Diagram. Circuit operation: When the water-level is below the steel rods, no contact is occurring from the metal can and the rods, which are supported by a small insulated (wooden) board. The small circuit built around IC1

draws no current and therefore no voltage drop is generated across R5. Numeric water level indicator- liquid level sensor circuit diagram with 7 segment display – Engineering project Khaleel / May 20, 2012 Water level indicator circuit or liquid level sensor displays the current level of water in any water tank reservoir. Water Level Indicator Description . This is the circuit diagram of a simple corrosion free water level indicator for home and industries. In fact the the level of any conductive non corrosive liquids can be measured using this circuit. The circuit is based on 5 transistor switches. The circuit is ideal to use if you want to monitor the level of water from

distance. The project is using a UM66 CMOS melody IC and an FM transmitter circuit to transmit the melody on FM receiver. The 10K variable resistor is used to adjust the volume of transmitting melody. 3.7/5 circuit for water overflow alarm, tank overflow indicator, water level indicator circuit diagram using ic 555, water level indicator circuit diagram with alarm pdf, water level indicator circuit using 555 timer, water level indicator project, Author: Tarun Agarwal Author: Mayure5h Low water level indicator alarm circuit for Water tank Jaseem vp / August 20, 2012 Most of the time we wish to have a water low level alarm ( liquid level alarm ) circuit to know if the amount of water inside the tank has decreased in order to switch ON the water pump set. Types: Water Level Meters, Interface Meters, TLC Meters, Tag Lines

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