Diagram of nerve cell organelles

Each neuron contains a nerve cell body with a nucleus and organelles such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatus. Branching off the nerve cell body are the dendrites, which act

like tiny antennae picking up signals from other cells. TheThe DendritesThe Cell Body (or Soma)The AxonCell Death and NeurodegenerationTwo Types of Cell DeathNerve Cell Death in Specific Brain Regions and Neurodegenerative DiseasesCell Body DysfunctionNeurons are the building blocks of the central nervous system. A neuron’s primary role is to communicate information. It communicates via electrical impulses or using specific chemicals such as neurotransmitters (what are the different types of neurotransmitters?). The neuron has 3 distinct parts. The dendrites, the cell body and the axon. Each structure plays a specific role in ensuring neurons are able to send and receive signals and connect with other neurons.The dendrites are connected toSee more on cognifit.com Neuron –

Basic Structure and Functions. Neurons (nerve cells) are the functional units of the nervous system. Even though they vary in size and shape, most have structural characteristics similar to the spinal cord neuron shown to left. Neurons have at their core an expanded area of cytoplasm called the cell body (soma or perikaryon). Author: Cassidy Smith Organelles of the Neuron. Neurons are similar to other cells in the body because: 1. Neurons are surrounded by a cell membrane. 2. Neurons have a nucleus

that contains genes. 3. Neurons contain cytoplasm, mitochondria and other organelles. 4. Neurons carry out basic cellular processes such as protein synthesis and energy production. 5 Important Functions of Nerve Cells (With Diagram) and the cell body contains the typical spectrum of organelles. It is the processes or extensions that make neurons easily distinguishable from other cells. The nerve cell membrane is permeable to sodium and potassium ions and these ions are continuously diffusing from the side of the Nerve Cell Structure and Function : the Cell Body. The nucleated cytoplasmic portion of a neurone is termed cell body or

soma.Typically each cell body which may be 4 to 100µm in diameter may be fusiform,pyramidal, pyriform or irregular stellate in shape.Cell body contains a large spherical central nucleus along with large number Nerve Cells. Thus, each nerve cell has a cell body containing a nucleus, endoplasmic

reticulum, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, and other organelles that are essential to the function of all cells ( Figure 1.3 ). These features are best recognized using the high magnification and resolution afforded by the electron microscope. Nerve Cell. Extending from the opposite side of the cell body is the long tubular extension called the axon. Surrounding the axon is the myelin sheath, which plays an

important role in the rate of electrical transmission. At the terminal end of the axon is a branched structure with ends called synaptic knobs. Types of Neurons (Nerve Cells) Neurons contain cytoplasm, mitochondria and other organelles.

Neurons carry out basic cellular processes such as protein synthesis and energy production. However, neurons differ from other cells in the body because: Neurons have specialize cell …

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